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The Panama City Beach Police Department was established in 1970 when four smaller cities were combined into what is now Panama City Beach, Florida.  Located on the northern Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach is a unique city, in that we have four different groups of visitors throughout the year.  In the fall, from September to November, the locals can enjoy the quiet beaches and friendly establishments.  From November to March, our winter guests, sometimes referred to as the "Snowbirds", come down from the cold and snow covered northern states to enjoy the warmer winter climate.  March and April brings Spring Break, where hundreds of thousands of college and high school students flock down to get away from their schools and teachers for some fun in the sun.  May to September brings the summer months where schools are out and families make their vacation plans to visit our City.  The men and women of the Panama City Beach Police Department have learned to adapt to the four different styles of visitors and provide a constant umbrella of protection and service.  We strive to maintain the highest and most professional level of law enforcement and our philosophy of
"To Protect And Serve" is not taken lightly.