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K-9 Patrol and Photo Gallery

While the K-9 Teamís primary responsibilities are the safe apprehension of serious criminal offenders, the timely discovery of evidence, the protection of the public and officers, and the search for missing persons; they also serve as a link between the department and the community.

The use of K-9 units in demonstrations, exhibitions, and special events opens lines of communication and understanding.  The presence of the K-9 stimulates conversation and serves as a link between the officer and the community.  There is also a significant psychological impact in the community - given the presence of a K-9 Unit.  The perception of increased security is readily apparent during peripheral conversations during such demonstrations and special events.  

Given the public perception and tangible link established by the K-9, between the department and the community, the K-9 officer is often times expected to participate in demonstrations, special events, and other exhibitions by the public.  During these events, the K-9 officer is expected to use his/her K-9 to educate the community on its use; open a dialogue regarding K-9 operations and community expectations.  The K-9 officer is also expected to seize opportunities to use the K-9 to open communication lines and increase understanding and knowledge in the community on a daily basis.  

The Panama City Beach Police Department's K-9 Unit is responsible for assisting in the detection and seizure of all forms of controlled substances and contraband in addition to their routine patrol duties.  

The Unit consists of two (2) teams made up of one officer and one K-9 each.  These officers are assigned to the uniformed patrol division and work a rotational schedule, which allows for one or more of these units to be available at all times to aid not only the Panama City Beach Police Department, but surrounding agencies as well.

The Unit's current K-9's are trained not only on narcotic detection, but offender tracking and apprehension, building searches, and evidence locating.