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About CRA

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What is a CRA?

  • Local governments designate areas as Community Redevelopment Areas (CRA) and create an agency to assist in eliminating and preventing areas detrimental to the health, safety and economic development of that area (FL law chapter 163, Part III).
  • Plans are written and approved consistent with local comprehensive plans.
  • Examples of conditions that qualify an area for CRA creation include: inadequate transportation systems and buildings, shortage of affordable housing, inadequate parking and other inadequate infrastructure. w The CRA will stimulate and support investment and redevelopment activities in the CRA, enhance the entire community, and increase property values.

Is this what we have on Panama City Beach?

  • Yes. The Panama City Beach Community Redevelopment Agency was created on November 30, 2000.
  • The first redevelopment area to be designated was Pier Park.
  • On June 21, 2001, the Front Beach Road CRA was created.

Is my property in the Front Beach Road CRA?

  • All property (business, investment, or residential) located on the Front Beach Road (the tourist corridor) in the City limits is in the CRA.
  • The FDOT designated beach access streets are included.
  • All other property in the City of Panama City Beach is NOT included.
  • The Property Appraisers Office at (850) 784-4095 can tell you if your property is included.

What improvements were recommended in the 2001 Front Beach Road Community Redevelopment Plan?

  • The focus of the plan involves correcting and improving transportation, parking, beach access and safety issues on the Front Beach Road and designated connecting roads.
  • The plan activities will occur over thirty years.
  • All areas of the City and County will benefit from the Front Beach Road CRA. The Plan is expected to also include enhanced public recreational facilities, and encourage new tourist oriented private/public attractions that will create additional year round employment opportunities for local citizens.

What major connecting roads to Front Beach Road are you talking about?

  • In addition to Front Beach Road, Middle Beach Road and a small portion of Panama City Beach Parkway, Arnold Road, Cobb Road, Powell Adams Road, Hill Road, Nautilus Street, Clara Avenue, Alf Coleman Road, Richard Jackson Blvd, and North and South Thomas Drive.

Where does the money come from that will be used to implement the Front Beach Road Community Redevelopment Plan?

  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) within the designated Front Beach Road Redevelopment area.
  • The logic for this financing is that the increase in real estate assessed values and the associated tax revenues collected in this area are the results of the public and private investments and should be reinvested in that targeted redevelopment area.
  • The County continues to receive the 2001 tax collected in the CRA, and also receives all the tax collected through the increase in property values in the remainder of the City.
  • Being in the CRA does not increase your taxes.
  • The School Board and special taxing districts do not contribute to the TIF.

How much incremental ad valorem tax is available to the Front Beach Road CRA each year to spend on the Front Beach Road Community Redevelopment Plan?

  • The revenue depends on the pace of redevelopment on Front Beach Road, the assessed and taxable values of that development/ redevelopment, and the millage rate levied.
  • The chart reflects the actual amount of “tax increment revenues” that have been received by the Panama City Beach CRA.

Besides all this private enterprise redevelopment activity going on in the Front Beach Road CRA, what public works projects are approved in the 2001 Front Beach Road Community Redevelopment Plan?

  • All roadways listed in the plan will be reconstructed to include pedestrian, bicycle and transit features along with aesthetic improvements such as landscape, streetscape, street lighting, and undergrounding of all aerial utilities.
  • The transit improvements being planned for Front Beach Road include a lane in each direction dedicated to shared use by bicycles and transit vehicles (trolleys and/or trams) in conjunction with coordinated signals at intersections to ensure that the routes stay on schedule (no longer than a 15 minute wait).
  • The transit planning also includes two multi-model centers to serve as parking and transportation hubs at key locations within the CRA plan area.
  • Most of the connecting roads included in the plan will be reconstructed to also provide additional roadway lanes as well as the other listed improvements.
  • Beach access improvements, such as beach parking, showers and restrooms, are included in the plan.
  • Construction of Churchwell Road, Churchwell Road Beach Parking Lot, Richard Jackson Blvd, Front Beach Road Segment 1, S. Thomas Drive, and Powell Adams Road Segment 1 projects are complete. Front Beach Road Segment 2 is under construction and will take 2 years for completion. Many other projects are in the design, permitting and right-of-way acquisition phases and will begin construction as soon as funds become available.

Where will all the current and new resort industry employees live and park their vehicles when they come to work?

  • Affordable housing opportunities exist across the bridges that border Panama City Beach; Public and private sectors are discussing this construction.
  • Discussions for an increased number of trolleys and other forms of public transportation operating on and off the beach have been initiated
  • “Park and ride” sites for workers will be developed off the beach.
  • Additional parking facilities with other amenities are being developed for locals and visitors.
  • Public transportation on and off Front Beach Road is being planned.

How can I learn more about the Front Beach Road Community Redevelopment Plan?

  • Visit the CRA website at
  • Call the Public Services Building and talk with Kelly Jenkins, City Engineer at (850) 233-5100, Extension 2414 or e-mail